Established in 2007, HOKARE Cordless Lamps is a company manufacturing and distributing a range of Cordless lamps and LED candles.

HOKARE Cordless Table Lamps is a Hong Kong-based company run by a French team. Its creators have held down top management positions in electronic and hospitality companies. The team developed HOKARE Cordless Lamps to provide innovative lighting solutions for luxury hotels and restaurants.

HOKARE Cordless Table Lamps helps to create the mood you wish with warm white and multi-coloured light, dedicated to the hospitality industry, day after day, your team will easily be able to brighten up the premise while your guests will enjoy our light’s designs.

French-designed and engineered, this new form of table lighting is for hotels, restaurants, SPA and other function rooms. Due to its LED technology, our latest collection of HOKARE cordless lighting provides you with a unique diffusion of coloured lights.