Degrenne Paris 

Degrenne Paris creates, develops, produces and markets tableware products throughout the world. It is a group that represents a turnover of 86 million Euros, possesses 4 factories in the world and 6 foreign subsidiaries.

The Degrenne group, founded by Guy Degrenne, is present in all distribution networks (retails, hospitality and mass-market) both in France and abroad, selling 6 families of products (tableware, cutlery, glassware, accessories, culinary, table and kitchen linen). Degrenne Paris is therefore a major player in the tableware industry. It has also developed a subcontracting activity on behalf of third parties both for the tableware and other industries, thus highlighting its industrial knowledge both of stainless steel and ceramic.

In 2008 Degrenne Paris products were sold in 75 countries. Recognized and used throughout the world, Degrenne Paris has gained the trust of a number of Michel Stars Chefs from France and elsewhere. Its history has built its own reputation and the quality of the products is a main strength. For Degrenne Paris, each item of cutlery and porcelain is a unique object. They attach a great deal of importance to creation, through the expertise of research and design studios. In parallel, Degrenne Paris likes to share its expertise with exceptional designers such as Olivier Gagnère, Sylvain Dubuisson and Matali Crasset. Creating the perfect balance between functionality and purity of forms is their specialty. If Degrenne Paris is present on the tables of hotels and restaurants all over the world, it is also thanks to their quality: the best steels, the best kaolin, every detail of each item is carefully finished (a silversmith cutlery item requires over 60 operations – porcelain requires over 30) and the quality controls make each piece a perfect object. All their products are made to resist the intensive usage required by hotels and frequent washes in the dishwasher.

The Degrenne Paris range is one of the widest in the world. With classic, traditional or designer forms, everyone can find something to coordinate with the other items on the table. Degrenne Paris offers different selections for catering, banqueting or room service both in terms of use and of shape.
In response to requests from their historical clients wishing to strengthen the image of their establishment, Degrenne Paris products may be personalized with finishes or logos, or silver & gold-plated to the best standards in the profession. Acting as a real partner, Degrenne Paris guides its clients in their search for the best solutions and the greatest satisfaction of their expectations, for all their needs : Flatware, Porcelain, Hollowware, Buffet & Glassware.

“At Degrenne Paris, we put all our strength and enthusiasm into creating and developing the products that today bring our catalogue to life. We hope to share with you the pleasure that our cutlery, porcelains and banqueting selection give us.”