Koziol: Saving resources and energy while maintaining the ultimate quality and safety standards. All from its own factory in Erbach, nestled in the heart of Germany’s Odenwald hills. More than 3.000 specialty dealers and retailers in 50 countries trust in the power of the original.

SUSTAINABILITY is one of its guiding principles. Which is why product development, modeling, construction, mold making, production and shipping are all handled in a single location, under one roof. All the materials are of the highest quality as well: koziol exclusively uses 100% recyclable thermoplastics and no softening additives whatsoever. All of the color pigments are made in Germany specifically for the plastics in question. The dyes and materials are fully certified and physiologically safe.

The unique KOZIOL DESIGNS have won many prestigious international design awards. They are the product of a fruitful cooperation between the company’s own Werksdesign team and leading designers and universities across Europe. This symbiosis between heart and mind – between high-tech engineering and meticulous craftsmanship – has produced legendary icons such as the Aroma cup series designed as a collaboration between Matteo Thun and koziol, and the Tasche bags from star architect Alessandro Mendini.

The koziol brand is open to personal encounters as well – in the GLÜCKSFABRIK, the happiness factory, located at the company’s home base in Erbach. Here you can see for yourself how top quality materials, short transport routes and ethically sound, sustainable production methods combine to produce lasting happiness.