Paşabahçe Glass Industry and Trade Inc. started the production of glass tableware products made of soda-ash through manual production (hand-made) in 1935, and then in 1955 it initiated machine production (automatic), which is regarded as the initial phase in today’s automatic production technology. In 1974, the production of heat resistant glass was included.

Paşabahçe made its first exports in 1961. Between 1980 and 2000, Paşabahçe rapidly expanded its operations. The company opened new plants, incorporating the automatic production of soda, crystal and heat resistant glass products. During this period Paşabahçe also gave impetus to technological advancement geared towards quality and efficiency. Concerning automatically produced soda, crystal and heat resistant glass, the production is underway in plants located in Kırklareli, Mersin and Eskişehir; while the Denizli plant produces only hand-made products of both crystal and soda-ash glass.

By pursuing a sales and marketing organization outside Turkey and forming logistics hubs in Europe Paşabahçe also initiated investments for production abroad in order to strengthen its position on a global scale. In this context, a glass tableware plant in Posuda, the Russian Federation was bought in 2003. Posuda Ltd. has attained full capacity of production on a new product range with the well-known Paşabahçe quality.